Pamela Keravuori is an American contemporary artist whose abstract mixed-media paintings combine expressive markmaking and controlled but colorful energy to explore visual metaphors from a long, passionate and only sometimes comprehensible life.  After decades of living, studying and adventuring on three continents, Keravuori has recently returned to painting in order to record the emotionally-charged fragments and contradictions of her peripatetic life. 

Keravuori’s large paintings seek to balance her individual complex humanity against current forces that seem to want easy legibility or sorting.  She blends her early artistic influences (from Gorky and de Kooning to Stuart Davis) with the many cultures she has experienced and the fluctuating artistic concerns of today.  From hitchhiking across Europe to studying in various languages to raising her children behind the Iron Curtain in Berlin and on a Middle East war front, she plumbs the passions of memories that remind us that daily life is an extraordinary act.

In searching for authentic expression while abstracting her life through a new mature lens, she allows legibility and ambiguity to teeter across pictorial space.  Memories and impressions emerge and coalesce, cross-reference, arrest and intrigue across her paintings’ surface.  As she explores the energy and lessons of a lifetime’s arc, she welcomes the need to experiment within her painting medium.  Both process and chance play their roles.  Deliberation and intuitive calibration work together to pull the emotional charge and the storyline into play.  Line work adds both drawing and calligraphy, stencils recall Arabic geometry and Roman architecture, textures build to resemble stone ruins and textiles, spray paint allows delicate layering.  This fluid abstraction allows Keravuori to investigate and reinvent the impact of decades of memories on an invigorated present. 

Keravuori currently works from her new light-filled studio in the Virginia treetops.  Until her last solo show in 1989, she regularly exhibited in the U.S. and in Germany.  Her Athenaeum solo exhibit in 2020 marked her happily renewed relationship with painting.

Her works are in private and public collections in the US, Germany and France.  For information on available pieces or to arrange for a studio visit, please enquire.


  • Oct - Nov 2020 Painting While Barefoot, The Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA

  • May - Jun 1989 Pamela Keravuori, The Art League, Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA


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  • 2019 Board Games, Athenaeum Annual Invitational, Alexandria, VA

  • 2017 Glow, Athenaeum Annual Invitational, Alexandria, VA

  • 1981 Amerikanische Künstler in Berlin (American Artists in Berlin): Lynn Bowers, Jimmy Clark, Pamela Keravuori, John Schuetz, Gary Rieveschl, Christine Viera; group exhibit at Amerika Haus, Berlin


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  • US State Department, Berlin


  • Freie Universität Berlin/Boston University, International Relations

  • Rhode Island School of Design, President's Fellow

  • American University of Beirut

  • City Polytechnic University, London

  • Oxford University, Heinz Scholarship

  • Universités des Toulouse et Bordeaux

  • Arcadia University, French Literature